Gentler Medicines
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At ReForm, our Vision is to improve the lives of fragile patients by optimizing the delivery of their essential biologic medicines. Fragile patients include children and the elderly, as well as those suffering from neurological conditions and other debilitating diseases. With easier delivery of life-altering treatments, patients can experience less disruption and less pain, to facilitate overall better adherence to therapeutic guidelines with better outcomes.


Our Mission is to develop improved biologic formulations derived from our proprietary, patented technology platform to enhance patients’ lives, particularly for fragile populations such as children and the elderly. We are doing this by improving the viscosity and stability of known biologics, for our own formulations as well as for those of other biopharmaceutical companies to make their medicines better tolerated by patients and more easily administered.


ReForm’s pipeline uses its technology platform to transform the formulation of biotherapeutics to improve the lives of patients. These innovative biological formulations can improve the clinical outcomes, health, and well-being of tens of millions of fragile patients annually.


ReForm’s technology platform enables the subcutaneous dosing of biologics. For patients, this offers the promise of taking their medicines by a simple injection at home or at a physician’s office instead of receiving a time-consuming, inconvenient, and possibly painful infusion in a clinic or hospital setting.

Formulations of biologic medicines commonly face viscosity and stability problems. ReForm Biologics leverages a mechanistic understanding of protein-protein and protein-solvent interactions to identify and design excipients that improve viscosity and stability. Many of ReForm’s excipients are based on well-established chemical structures with known toxicology profiles and prior pharmaceutical uses, and are protected by a strong patent portfolio.


Using its technology platform ReForm Biologics is developing a low-risk, clinic-ready pipeline of candidates for oncology, inflammation, arthritis, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s disease.


In addition to developing our own biologics for fragile patient populations, we offer formulation development collaborations and product-specific licenses for a broad spectrum of protein-based therapeutics. ReForm Biologics seeks to partner with others who are interested in making more easily administered and better tolerated biologic therapeutics.


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