We extend product life-cycles, enable alternative dosing, and improve manufacturing efficiency for our biopharmaceutical partners.

Biopharmaceutical companies are challenged by viscosity and stability problems in their formulations. ReForm Biologics leverages a mechanistic understanding of protein-protein and protein-solvent interactions to identify and design excipients that improve viscosity and stability. ReForm’s excipients are based on well-established chemical structures with known toxicology profiles and prior pharmaceutical uses, so that regulatory approval can be streamlined.

Technologies include:

  • Viscosity-reducing excipients for high concentration biologic formulations, to enable subcutaneous injection or device-assisted administration, or to improve filtration unit operations.
  • Stability-enhancing excipients, to prevent aggregation and particle formation in biologics.
  • Surfactant-replacing excipients, to avoid the degradation problems that accompany known surfactants for biological formulations.

New formulations, such as those that ReForm offers, can be leveraged by biopharmaceutical companies to retain market share and maximize value creation via product line extension. ReForm’s excipients allow formulators to add value and to differentiate their products. ReForm’s excipient strategies decrease viscosity and enhance stability, which enables subcutaneous and device-assisted administration. ReForm excipients can also be employed in protein manufacturing, purification, and processing to improve filtration and production efficiency.